The civil government is God's ordained authority to protect those who live righteously and to punish those who deal wickedly.
Though we find ourselves in the 21st century where many policy decisions have relegated community responsibilities to the "public" authorities of municipal officials, there is still much that can and should be done by Christian leaders at the community landscape level.
Access to public parks and gardens, functional transportation corridors, thriving business districts, and local economic growth are all realms of civil governance that Christians should be deeply concerned about. At Ekklesia Design, we interface with municipal officials at various levels of design, and would love to help you steer the future development of your community in a way that is glorifying to God and redeems the place you have been called to serve.
Municipal infrastructure - from streetscapes to sidewalks, and utility lines down to street lights - are all on the table when it comes to redesigning your community - redeem the place God has callled you to steward - don't shy away from that obligation because local government has intimidated its populous into thinking that their community's resources aren't really theirs to steward.

Contact us today for a free consultation about ways you can redeem the community you have been called to steward, all to the glory of God!

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