The Church (ἐκκλησίᾳ, or Ekklesia) is to be known for its faithfulness in worship and service to Christ and His Kingdom on Earth.
As the onlooking world encounters our places of assembly - wherever we gather for corporate worship and experience the life of the body - they ought to be struck with awe and amazement at the beauty that is our God. Our Creator calls us to imitate him, and in so doing, we are to create places of worship with intricacy and with purpose, with form and function, with grace and with truth, all with the resources that have been entrusted to us.
To every local church leader (elder, pastor, deacon, or covenant member) that has a passion for investing in their church property and its surrounding community, Ekklesia Design is here to serve you in that noble endeavor.
We offer theological training to in the form of guest speaking or teaching-series workshops, and are currently drafting a forthcoming guide book that will provide strategic training material for small-group study
about local churches and redeeming places.

As a design consultancy, Ekklesia Design is able to supply the professional services to accomplish the effort of any site project that a local church wants to invest in. From fundraising to capital investment planning, from site planning of new sanctuaries to grounds redevelopment and planting plans, and even from entry signage to community garden design, we are here to exhort and equip local churches to be about the work of redeeming the place they have been called to steward.

Contact us today for a free consultation on how your local church can redeem places to the glory of God!

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